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Proof-carrying Code - Packet Filter Example
... The original publication on proof-carrying code in 1996 used packet filters as an example a user-mode application hands a function written in machine code to the kernel ... Because the packet filter runs in kernel mode, it could compromise the integrity of the system if it contains malicious code that writes to kernel data ... Traditional approaches to this problem include interpreting a domain specific language for packet filtering, inserting checks on each memory access (software fault isolation), and writing the ...
Common Address Redundancy Protocol - Example
... If there is a single computer running a packet filter, and it goes down, the networks on either side of the packet filter can no longer communicate with each other, or they ... If, however, there are two computers running a packet filter, running CARP, then if one fails, the other will take over, and computers on either side of the packet filter will not be aware of the failure ... old one, pfsyncd is used to synchronize packet filter states ...
Net BSD - Releases
... This release also introduces NetBSD Packet Filter (NPF) – a new packet filter, designed with multi-core systems in mind, which can do TCP/IP traffic filtering, stateful ... OpenBSD Packet Filter was integrated as an alternative to IPFilter ...

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