Some articles on overlapping:

Triangle Group - Overlapping Tilings
... There are also tilings by overlapping triangles, which correspond to Schwarz triangles with rational numbers (l/a,m/b,n/c), where the denominators are coprime to the numerators ... These symmetries of overlapping tilings are not considered triangle groups ...
... A contig (from contiguous) is a set of overlapping DNA segments that together represent a consensus region of DNA ... In bottom-up sequencing projects, a contig refers to overlapping sequence data (reads) in top-down sequencing projects, contig refers to the overlapping clones that form a physical map of the genome ... Contigs can thus refer both to overlapping DNA sequence and to overlapping physical segments (fragments) contained in clones depending on the context ...
Motivations For Counterpart Theory - In Possible Worlds - Overlapping Individuals
... An overlapping individual has a part in the actual world and a part in another world ... Because identity is not problematic, we get overlapping individuals by having overlapping worlds ... But some properties of overlapping objects are, for Lewis, troublesome (Lewis 1986199-210) ...
Minimum Bounding Rectangle
... The degree to which an "overlapping rectangles" query based on MBRs will be satisfactory (in other words, produce a low number of "false positive" hits) will depend on the extent to which individual ... normally entirely fill its associated MBR in the same coordinate space), then the "overlapping rectangles" test will be entirely reliable for that and similar spatial objects ... or a small number of disjunct points (patchy data), then most of the MBR will be empty and an "overlapping rectangles" test will produce a high number of false positives ...
Sample Standard Deviation - Combining Standard Deviations - Sample-based Statistics
... Standard deviations of non-overlapping (X ∩ Y = ∅) sub-samples can be aggregated as follows if the actual size and means of each are known For the more general case of M non-overlapping data sets, X1 through XM ...

More definitions of "overlapping":

  • (adj): Related by having something in common with or coinciding with.
    Example: "Having overlapping duties"; "found unexpected overlapping areas of interest"
  • (noun): Covering with a design in which one element covers a part of another (as with tiles or shingles).
    Synonyms: imbrication, lapping

Famous quotes containing the word overlapping:

    The absolute things, the last things, the overlapping things, are the truly philosophic concerns; all superior minds feel seriously about them, and the mind with the shortest views is simply the mind of the more shallow man.
    William James (1842–1910)