Our First Time

Our First Time (OFT) was one of the first widely popularized Internet hoaxes. Eighteen-year-olds "Mike" and "Diane" made a public announcement declaring they were to lose their virginity.

OFT, which promoted itself as a free public service educational website, followed Mike and Diane day by day from July 18 to July 21, 1998 through HIV tests, condom selection, and telling their parents about their decision. So many millions of people attempted to view the site that the server crashed. The Internet Entertainment Group agreed to host it in exchange for links to their pornographic content.

Over time, some began to suspect it was a hoax. Mike and Diane looked older than 18 and appeared to be actors. "Mike" turned out to be an Alabama actor Ty Taylor and "Diane" turned out to be Michelle Parma, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

The enterprise fizzled when IEG backed out after the producer, Ken Tipton, revealed that his plan was make money by charging Internet users $5 each for "age-verification" but planned for the couple to decide to abstain on the day set for the deflowering.

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