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The Saskatchewan order of precedence is a nominal and symbolic hierarchy of important positions within the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It has no legal standing but is used to dictate ceremonial protocol at events of a provincial nature.

  • The Queen of Canada (Queen Elizabeth II)
  • The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan (Vaughn Solomon Schofield )
  • Members of the Canadian Royal Family
  • The Premier of Saskatchewan (Brad Wall )
  • The Chief Justice of Saskatchewan (John Klebuc)
  • Former Lieutenant Governors of Saskatchewan
    • Lynda Haverstock
    • Gordon Barnhart
  • Former Premiers of Saskatchewan (not including those still holding other positions)
    • Grant Devine
    • Roy Romanow
  • Former Chief Justices of Saskatchewan
  • The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly (Don Toth)
  • The Deputy Premier and Members of the Executive Council
  • The Leader of the Opposition (Dwain Lingenfelter )
  • The Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench
  • Superior Court Justices: Justices of the Court of Appeal and the Court of Queen's Bench, with relative precedence among them determined by date of first appointment to the Superior Courts.
  • Provincial Court: the Chief Judge, then the Associate Chief Judge(s), then Judges in order of seniority of appointment
  • The Members of the Legislative Assembly
    • Deputy Speaker
    • The Government House Leader (unless a member of the cabinet)
    • The Opposition House Leader
    • The other Members, with relative precedence to be determined by date of first election to the Legislature
  • Members of the Senate who represent Saskatchewan, relative precedence determined by date of appointment
  • Members of the House of Commons who represent Saskatchewan constituencies, with their relative precedence determined by date of election
  • Aboriginal Leaders:
    • the Chief and Vice-Chiefs of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN)
    • the senior officers of the Tribal Councils
    • the Chiefs of Saskatchewan First Nation Bands
    • equivalent M├ętis leaders
  • Leaders of Faith Communities: the Archbishop, or Senior Bishop in the Province, of the Anglican Church of Canada; the Archbishop of Regina and Metropolitan, or the Senior Bishop in the Province, of the Roman Catholic Church; the Bishop of the Saskatoon Eparchy of the Ukrainian Catholic Church; the President, or the Past President or the President-Elect, of the Saskatchewan Conference of The United Church of Canada; the Bishop of the Saskatchewan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada; the senior representatives in the Province of the Alliance, Baptist, Mennonite, Orthodox and Presbyterian Churches and of the Jewish, Muslim and Hindu Faiths. (Relative precedence among the various religious leaders is determined by the date of appointment or election to their present office.)
  • The Consular Corps in the Province, in the following order: Dean of the Consular Corps; Consuls-General; Consuls; Vice-Consuls; Consular Agents. (Relative precedence among them is determined by the date of their appointment.)
  • Mayors, with precedence given to the mayor of the host municipality and subsequent relative precedence determined by the date of first taking office.
  • Senior Officials:
    • the Deputy Minister to the Premier
    • the Cabinet Secretary/Clerk of the Executive Council
    • the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
    • the Ombudsman
    • the Provincial Auditor
    • the Chief Electoral Officer
    • the Children's Advocate
    • the Information and Privacy Commissioner
    • the Conflict of Interest Commissioner.
  • Deputy Ministers; then other senior Saskatchewan government officials with rank of Deputy Minister as determined by the Executive Council
  • then Chief Executive Officers of Crown Corporations (relative precedence determined by date of appointment).
  • University officials:
    • the Chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan
    • the Chancellor of the University of Regina
    • the President of the University of Saskatchewan
    • the President of the University of Regina
  • Police and Military:
    • the Commanding Officer of "F" Division, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    • the President of the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
    • the Wing Commander of 15 Wing Moose Jaw
    • the senior representative in Saskatchewan of 38 Canadian Brigade Group
    • the senior representative in Saskatchewan of Maritime Command

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