Ordained Bhikkhunis

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Buddhist Nuns - Bhikkhunis in Theravada
... Wanderer Ascetic Brahmin Jainism The traditional appearance of Theravadan bhikkhunis is nearly identical to that of male monks, including a shaved head ... White or pink robes are worn by Theravadan nuns who are not fully ordained ... In the Theravada tradition, some scholars believe that the bhikkhuni lineage became extinct in the 11th to 13th centuries, and that no new bhikkhunis could be ordained since there were no bhikkhunis left to give ...
The Eight Garudhammas - English Translation
... The Garudhammas and some research are as follows 1) A nun who has been ordained even for a hundred years must greet respectfully, rise up from her seat, salute with joined palms, do proper homage to a monk ordained ... of duties, to take place equally between both bhikkhus and bhikkhunis according to seniority." Those who believe in the garudhamma] also recount the story of this rule being altered after ... According to the altered rule, a bhikkhuni does not have to bow to every monk, only to a monk who is worthy of respect ...

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    Certainly it was ordained as a scourge upon the pride of human wisdom, that the wisest of us all, should thus outwit ourselves, and eternally forego our purposes in the intemperate act of pursuing them.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)