Orangutang (band)

Orangutang was a rock band from Boston. The members were Christian Dyas on vocals and guitar, Joe Klompus on bass, David Steele on guitar, and Todd Perlmutter on drums. They put out an EP, The Rewards of Cruelty, in 1993 and a full-length album, Dead Sailor Acid Blues, in 1994, both on Imago Records.

Christian Dyas and Joe Klompus were both from Baltimore and relocated to Boston after the break-up of Fiction Bridge, formerly Hour House (no known recorded output under this name) and Clever Lines. Fiction Bridge self-released a self-titled 4 song EP and Clever Lines released a single track on the Frantic Records compilation 8 Essential Attitudes which also featured exhibit A, a band featuring SONiA of Disappear Fear. Additional members of Fiction Bridge include vocalist Ed Neenan, who now performs under the name e.joseph, keyboardist Paul Hond, now a novelist and drummer Dave Buckner.