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List Of Beast Machines Characters - Characters From The Original Series in The 80s
... Optimus Prime Leader of the ancient Autobots ... Optimus would be seen in the Agenda pt 3 and Optimal Situation as the whole reason that the Predacon Megatron had come to Earth, as part of a plan by the original Galvatron to change history ... With the unwilling help of Blackarachnia, Megatron gained access to the Ark and blasted Optimus in the head with a full power blast, blowing his head open ...
Optimus Primal - Beast Wars - Toys
... Beast Wars Basic Optimus Primal (1996) The very first Optimus Primal toy was a bat, packaged alongside an alligator version of Megatron ... The pack-in comic book, however, indicated that this Primal and Megatron were in fact new incarnations of the original Optimus Prime and Megatron - before the Beast Wars animated series began and ... again, this time black and gray and named Onyx Primal ...

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    ... Everything from toy guns that spark
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    The system was breaking down. The one who had wandered alone past so many happenings and events began to feel, backing up along the primal vein that led to his center, the beginning of hiccup that would, if left to gather, explode the center to the extremities of life, the suburbs through which one makes one’s way to where the country is.
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