Operational Cells

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Swarming (military) - Modern Militaries and Lower-intensity Conflict - Swarming Principles in Terrorism
... form of swarming than those of advanced militaries, in which the general objectives of operational cells are agreed in a manner coordinated, but not continuously controlled by the core organization ... Once the decision has been made on the general targets, the operational cells cut positive control links from the core, although they may still receive financial and other support ... does not emphasize the apparent al-Qaeda technique of releasing operational units to local control, once the policy is set ...
The Changing Depiction of Abu Zubaydah - U.S. Government Accounts of Abu Zubaydah's Importance
... Rumsfeld Abu Zubaydah was a “key terrorist recruiter and operational planner and member of Osama bin Laden’s inner circle.” – White House spokesman Ari ... an aide of bin Laden who ran training camps in Afghanistan and “coordinated terror cells in Europe and North America.” Abu Zubaydah was a “key terrorist recruiter, operational planner ... of terrorist operations who knew of al Qaida plots and cells ...

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