Operation Southern Watch

Operation Southern Watch was an operation conducted by Joint Task Force Southwest Asia (JTF-SWA) with the mission of monitoring and controlling airspace south of the 32nd Parallel (extended to the 33rd Parallel in 1996) in Iraq, following the 1991 Gulf War until the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States) - Operation Southern Watch
... B, 3rd Battalion, 153rd Infantry of the 39th BCT were activated for Operation Southern Watch, May through September 1999 ... Company C, 1st Battalion, 153rd Infantry carried on the 39th's role in Operation Southern Watch when they replaced Company B, 2–153rd IN in September ... The unit was mobilized to support operations in Operation Southern Watch ...
Carrier Air Wing Fourteen - History - Gulf War
... Diego Garcia, CVW-14 and the USS Independence were diverted to the North Arabian Sea in support of Operation Desert Shield ... deployment, the Carl Vinson Task Group took part in Operation Southern Watch and Operation Desert Strike in which USN and USAF forces conducted Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) and ... The Task Group departed the Fifth Fleet operations area on 8 October and returned to San Diego on 12 November 1996 ...
Saudi Arabia–United States Relations - History - Operation Southern Watch
... Operation Southern Watch enforced the no-fly zones over southern Iraq set up after 1991, and the country's oil exports through the shipping lanes of ...
Operation Southern Watch - Withdrawal
... On 29 April, Donald Rumsfeld announced that he would be withdrawing US troops from the country stating that the Iraq War no longer required the support ... Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz had earlier said that the continuing US presence in the kingdom was putting American lives in danger ...
103d Fighter Squadron - History - Pennsylvania Air National Guard - Airborne Forward Air Control
... to take part in the new deployments to Southwest Asia following Operation Desert Storm ... Participating in Operation Southern Watch, the wing took advantage of this aircraft upgrade by volunteering for a 90-day deployment to Kuwait in 1995, to support joint combat flight operations for Operation ... Al Jaber and also the first ANG Wing to volunteer for a solo 3-month Operation Southern Watch deployment ...

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