Operation Halberd - The Convoy and Close Escorts Through To Malta

The Convoy and Close Escorts Through To Malta

  • HMS Breconshire (9,776 tons) 'Convoy Commodore' Auxiliary Supply Ship
  • SS Ajax (7,797 tons) Blue Funnel Line
  • SS City of Calcutta (8,063 tons) Ellerman’s City Line
  • SS City of Lincoln (8,039 tons) Ellerman & Bucknall
  • SS Clan Ferguson (7,347 tons) Clan Line
  • SS Clan MacDonald (9,653 tons) Clan Line
  • MV Dunedin Star (13,000 tons) Blue Star Line
  • SS Imperial Star (12,427 tons) Blue Star Line
  • SS Rowallan Castle (7,798 tons) Union-Castle Line

Their nine close escorts consisted of the destroyers:

  • HMS Blankney
  • HMS Laforey
  • HMS Lightning
  • HMS Oribi
  • HMS Whitehall
  • HMS Witch
  • ORP Garland (Polish)
  • ORP Piorun (Polish)
  • HNLMS Isaac Sweers (Dutch)

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