Operation Bernhard

Operation Bernhard was the codename of a secret Nazi plan devised during the Second World War by the RSHA and the SS to destabilise the British economy by flooding the country with forged Bank of England £5, £10, £20, and £50 notes. It is the largest counterfeiting operation in history and has been fictionalised in books, the BBC comedy-drama miniseries Private Schulz and a 2007 Oscar-winning Austrian film, The Counterfeiters (Die Fälscher).

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Salomon Smolianoff - Life - Operation Bernhard
... Operation Bernhard was directed by, and named after, SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) Bernhard Krüger, who set up a team of 142 counterfeiters from inmates at Sachsenhausen concentration camp ... later interned at Sachsenhausen to work on Operation Bernhard ... Fearing the end of the operation, the inmates stalled for time because the production of British pounds had finished and the hope of the 140-man group was based on the work with dollar bills ...
Operation Bernhard - In Fiction
... A fictionalized version of the Operation Bernhard story was the topic of a comedy drama serial, Private Schulz, starring Michael Elphick and Ian Richardson ... of Adolf Burger, a Jewish Slovak book printer who was put to work on Operation Bernhard in Sachsenhausen concentration camp and whose memoirs were turned into the screenplay ... Operation Bernhard was used as a way for the main characters to catch a Nazi spy who was passing off forged notes in local pubs and shops in London ...

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