Open Primary

  • (noun): A primary in which any registered voter can vote (but must vote for candidates of only one party).

Some articles on open primary, open, primary:

California Gubernatorial Election, 1998 - Open Primary
... The Democratic field for the race became open when the state's most well-known and popular politician Dianne Feinstein decided in January 1998 not to run for Governor despite a request from President Bill ... Many of Feinstein's top campaign advisers worked for Harman during the Gubernatorial primary ... Davis spent 9 million in total campaign funds in the primary and later criticized Checchi for giving money to Republicans Steve Forbes and Bob Dole in 1996 ...
Party Raiding
... where members of one party vote in another party's primary election in an effort to either nominate a weaker candidate or prolong divided support between two or more contenders for ... raiding can only occur in jurisdictions which allow open primary voting ... As examples, Texas permits open primary voting (though a voter cannot vote in both primaries), while neighboring Oklahoma operates under a closed ...
Republican Party Of Virginia - Organization and Candidate Selection - Open Primary Litigation
... Virginia law requires "open" primaries that are not restricted based on party registration All persons qualified to vote.. ... may vote at the primary ... in primaries to exclude voters who had voted in a Democratic primary after March 1, 2004, or in the last five years, whichever is more recent ...
Open Primaries In The United States - Pros and Cons - Constitutional Issues
... Opponents of the open primary argue that the open primary is unconstitutional ... These opponents believe that the open primary law violates their freedom of association, because it forces them to allow outsiders to select their candidates ... The most popular alternative to the open primary is the closed primary ...
Cynthia McKinney - First Terms in Congress - 2002 Primary Defeat
... In 2002, McKinney was defeated in the Democratic primary by DeKalb County judge Denise Majette ... her in the November general election, had voted in the Democratic primary against McKinney in revenge for her anti-Bush administration views and her allegations of voter fraud in Florida in the ... Like 20 other states, Georgia operates an open primary voters do not align with a political party when they register to vote and may participate in whichever party's primary ...

Famous quotes containing the words primary and/or open:

    The primary function of a theater is not to please itself, or even to please its audience. It is to serve talent.
    Robert Brustein (b. 1927)

    One merit in Carlyle, let the subject be what it may, is the freedom of prospect he allows, the entire absence of cant and dogma. He removes many cartloads of rubbish, and leaves open a broad highway. His writings are all unfenced on the side of the future and the possible. Though he does but inadvertently direct our eyes to the open heavens, nevertheless he lets us wander broadly underneath, and shows them to us reflected in innumerable pools and lakes.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)