One Man and His Droid - Gameplay


At the start of the game, the player is given the option of inputting a password in order to resume a game they were playing earlier, otherwise starting at the beginning. There are passwords for each of the twenty different ramboid-filled caverns, and as the player progresses through each cavern, the computer releases the corresponding password.

At the start of a game the screen is split up into several different windows. Largest and centrally placed is the main window which looks into a cavern, displaying a view of the droid placed centrally amongst the scenery. The first task is to guide the droid to the start position.

Ramboids are dim. They move very predictably, and always reverse their direction of movement if their way is blocked. They are also delicate creatures which only live for about twenty minutes. The player is working against the clock all the time. Should the player fail to get at least four ramboids in the teleport in the right order within the time, it's back to the first screen.

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