Omnibus is an old term for bus or wagonette, being the latin word 'for all'.

  • Bus, a road vehicle designed to carry passengers
  • Wagonette, a horse-drawn wagon for passenger transport

Otherwise it may refer to:

  • Omnibus bill, a single legislative document containing many laws or amendments
  • Omnibus spending bill, a single legislative document that sets the budget of many government departments
  • Omnibus clause
  • Omnibus hearing
  • Omnibus law, a Serbian law regarding Vojvodina
  • Omnibus claim, a patent claim which does not explicitly state any technical features of the product or process
  • Anthology: Omnibus (book), a one-volume book edition of previously published books
  • Anthology, a collection of literary works
  • Three-volume novel
  • Omnibus Press, a book publisher
Media and entertainment
  • Omnibus, Japanese term for Various Artists in recorded music
  • Omnibus (U.K. TV series), an arts-based documentary programme
  • Omnibus (U.S. TV series), an educational program
  • Omnibus (talk show), an Italian series
  • Omnibus (broadcast), a compilation of TV episodes
  • Omnibus (film)
  • Omnibus (album), by Tarkio
  • "Omnibus", a song by XTC on the album Nonsuch
  • "Omnibus", a song by Laut Sprecher and Katie Skate
  • "Omnibus", a song by The Move originally appearing as a single B-side to "Wild Tiger Woman"
  • Omnibus Promotion, a sound effects company
  • Omnibus Wind Ensemble, a musical group
  • Omnibus, a Marvel Comics character, associated with the Leader
  • Homnibus, a The Smurfs character
Other uses
  • Omnibus (survey), a research method used in interviewing
  • Omnibus progression, a type of harmonic sequence
  • Omnibus test, a type of statistical test
  • Omnibus issue, in philately
  • A system bus on some varieties of PDP-8 computers

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Famous quotes containing the word omnibus:

    An omnibus across the bridge
    Crawls like a yellow butterfly,
    And, here and there, a passer-by
    Shows like a little restless midge.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)