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At Sign - Names in Other Languages
... In Afrikaans, it is called "aapstert", meaning "monkey tail" ... In Belarusian, it's called "сьлімак" ("helix", "snail") In Bosnian, it is "ludo a" ("crazy a") ... In Bulgarian, it is called кльомба ("klyomba", means nothing else) or маймунско а (maymunsko a "monkey A"), maimunka (маймунка), "littl ...
XM Satellite Radio - Company - Company Timeline
1997 May 16 American Mobile Satellite and WorldSpace officially change the name of American Mobile Radio to XM Satellite Radio ... As part of the deal, XM creates a 24/7 MLB channel called "Home Plate" ... A new channel called "Oprah and Friends" will launch in September, which will be programmed by Winfrey and originate in the Harpo Studios in Chicago ...
Transport and Transit Travel - Traffic Between East and West Berlin
... The new currency was also introduced in West Berlin on 24 June and this, at least officially was the justification for the Soviet Blockade due to which, rationing in West Berlin had to continue ... While West Berliners were officially welcome to buy food in East Berlin, the Soviets tried to prevent them buying other essential supplies there, particularly coal ... They also opened so-called "Free Shops" in the Eastern Sector, offering supplies without ration stamps, but at extremely high prices in Eastern Deutsche Marks ...

Famous quotes containing the words called and/or officially:

    A name? Oh, Jesus Christ. Ah, God, I’ve been called by a million names all my life. I don’t want a name. I’m better off with a grunt or a groan for a name.
    Bernardo Bertolucci (b. 1940)

    We who officially value freedom of speech above life itself seem to have nothing to talk about but the weather.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)