Odinist Fellowship

The Odinist Fellowship was the name of an early Odinist organization, founded by Else Christensen and her husband Alex Christensen in Canada in 1969. There is also a British group called the Odinist Fellowship, which has recognition as a registered charity in the UK.

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Neo-völkisch Movements - Nordic Racial Paganism
... Nordic racial paganism is synonymous with the Odinist movement (including some who identify as Wotanist) ... ritual magic and ceremonial forms of fraternal fellowship" ... The mainline Odinist, Asatruar and Germanic Neo-Pagan community does not hold any racist, Nazi, extreme right-wing or racial supremacist beliefs, and most Neo-Pagan groups reject ...
Odinist Fellowship - UK
... The British-based Odinist Fellowship was established by Ralph Harrison in 1988 and is unaffiliated with the US organization founded by Christensen ... The British Odinist Fellowship is registered under English law as a religious charity ... The aim of the Odinist Fellowship, according to its constitution is "to practise, promote and propagate Odinism ...

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