Ocean View Elementary School District

Ocean View Elementary School District is a school district in Southern California in Ventura County. It is located towards the south of Oxnard and encompasses 80 sq mi (210 km2) of land on the coast west of Malibu. The District currently enrolls about 2,500 students in its schools, and contains a diverse ethnic population.

The district contains 1 middle school, 3 elementary schools, and 2 pre-schools. The district itself contains no high schools, so all students graduating the middle school must leave the district, usually to Channel Islands High School, in order to go to high school.

Ocean View Elementary School District was founded in 1872 at the completion of a one-room school house at the corner of what is now Olds and Hueneme roads. As it still does, the district sent its students off to another district for high school completion. In the 1950s, the District added elementary schools and a junior high to accommodate the post-WWII population growth from both Oxnard and the naval bases nearby, specifically Point Mugu Naval Base.

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