Obscure Mealybugs

Some articles on obscure mealybugs:

Pseudococcus Viburni - Life Cycle - Females
... Being in the order Hemiptera (so-called "true bugs"), obscure mealybugs undergo incomplete metamorphosis nymphal young closely resemble adults in body shape, take six to nine weeks to ... Depending on temperature, obscure mealybugs may complete 2-3 generations per year females will lay clutches of several hundred orange eggs in cottony sacs, from ... Obscure mealybugs lay eggs all year long, and during winter, under the bark of trees and vines (though there is no true dormancy) ...
Pseudococcus Viburni - Life Cycle - Males and Mating
... Male obscure mealybugs do not feed, and have very short lifespans (2–3 days) males will spin cocoons shortly after hatching, where they develop wings ... Upon emerging from their cocoons, male obscure mealybugs will fly toward the scent of the female's sex pheromone, mate as many times as possible, then die ... Obscure mealybugs generally mate at dusk and at dawn ...

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