Oak Ridges

Oak Ridges may refer to:

  • Oak Ridges, Ontario, a community within the boundaries of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
  • Oak Ridges (electoral district), a defunct electoral district in Ontario
  • Oak Ridges—Markham, an electoral district in Ontario
  • Oak Ridges Dynes, a defunct ice hockey team from the community of Oak Ridges

Other articles related to "oak ridges":

district" class="article_title_2">Oak Ridges (electoral District)
... Oak Ridges was a federal and provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1997 to 2003 and in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1999 ... The electoral district was abolished in 2003 when it was redistributed between Oak Ridges—Markham and Richmond Hill ridings ...
Greenbelt (Golden Horseshoe) - Purpose and Composition - Oak Ridges Moraine
... See also Hydrography of the Oak Ridges Moraine The Oak Ridges Moraine covers a 1,900 square kilometres (734 sq mi) between Caledon and Rice Lake, near Peterborough ...
Richmond Hill, Ontario - Oak Ridges
... Oak Ridges is an unincorporated community to the north of Richmond Hill's downtown and south of Aurora ... lake in the area and a community within Oak Ridges, and has continued to expand slowly since its annexation ... In the 1990s, Oak Ridges experienced moderate growth, which has spurred environmental action and anti-development movements by numerous organizations ...
Wilcox Lake - History
... Lake Wilcox, as a part of the annexation of Oak Ridges, became a part of Richmond Hill in 1971 ... The developments affected the forests of the Oak Ridges Moraine which supplies water to the GTA ... protests against the clear-cutting of forests of the Oak Ridges Moraine ...

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