Northern Rail Nines - 2009 Tournament - Group Stages - Group A

Group A

Rank Team Pld W D L F A D Points
1 Dewsbury Rams 3 3 0 0 76 40 36 9
2 Blackpool Panthers 3 2 0 1 58 44 14 6
3 Swinton Lions 3 1 0 2 34 52 -18 3
4 Rochdale Hornets 3 0 0 3 26 68 -44 0
  • Blackpool Panthers 20–8 Rochdale Hornets
  • Dewsbury Rams 22–4 Swinton Lions
  • Blackpool Panthers 26–10 Swinton Lions
  • Dewsbury Rams 28–14 Rochdale Hornets
  • Rochdale Hornets 4–20 Swinton Lions
  • Blackpool Panthers 12–26 Dewsbury Rams

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