Northeast Caucasian Languages

The Northeast Caucasian languages constitute a language family spoken in the Russian republics of Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, northern Azerbaijan, and in northeastern Georgia, as well as in diaspora populations in Russia, Turkey, and the Middle East. They are also called Nakho-Dagestanian / Nakh-Dagestanian or just Dagestanian (Daghestanian), or sometimes Caspian, as opposed to Pontic for the Northwest Caucasian languages.

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Aorist - Northeast Caucasian Languages
... In Udi, the aorist is an imperfective aspect that is usually a past tense, but can also replace the present tense. ...
Caucasian Albanian Alphabet
... The Caucasian Albanian alphabet, or the alphabet for the Gargareans, was an alphabet used by the Caucasian Albanians, one of the ancient and indigenous Northeast Caucasian peoples whose ... It was one of only two indigenous alphabets ever developed for speakers of indigenous Caucasian languages (i.e ... Caucasian languages that are not a part of larger groupings like the Turkic and Indo-European languages families) to represent any of their languages, the other being ...
List Of Numbers In Various Languages - Old World Language Families - Caucasian Languages - Northeast Caucasian Languages
... Dagestanian languages 10 ... Avar ноль nol' цо co кIиго kʼigo лъабго łabgo ункъо unqʼo щуго ššugo анлъго anłgo анкьго anƛʼgo микьго mi ...
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... Avar is a Caucasian language, spoken in the Republic of Dagestan, of the Russian Federation, where it is co-official together with other Caucasian languages like Dargwa, Lak, Lezgian and Tabassaran ...
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... The Proto-Northeast Caucasian language had many terms for agriculture, and Johanna Nichols has suggested that its speakers may have been involved in the ... apple and pear that suggest agriculture was already well developed when the proto-language broke up ...

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