Normalised Admittance

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Mathematical Basis - Working With Both The Z Smith Chart and The Y Smith Charts
... circuit and matching problems sometimes it is more convenient to work with admittances (representing conductances and susceptances) and sometimes it is more ... between both types of Smith chart, using normalised impedance for series elements and normalised admittances for parallel elements ... For these a dual (normalised) impedance and admittance Smith chart may be used ...
Using The Smith Chart To Solve Conjugate Matching Problems With Distributed Components
... of the combination is given by and the normalised impedance is This is plotted on the Z Smith chart at point P20 ... At point P21 the circle intersects with the unity circle of constant normalised resistance at ... is As the Smith chart is still in the normalised impedance plane, from the table above a series capacitor is required where Rearranging, we obtain ...

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