• (noun): The category of nouns serving as the grammatical subject of a verb.
    Synonyms: nominative case, subject case
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Somali Grammar - Morphology - Nouns - Nominative Case
... The subject of a sentence takes nominative case ... sentence includes multiple nouns, only the last takes the nominative ending for the article ... If there is no article, a tonal change signifies nominative case, although this is not represented in the orthography ...
Archaic Dutch Declension - Usage of The Dutch Case System - Nominative
... The nominative (eerste naamval) is the most frequent case in Dutch ... sentence elements always occur in the nominative The subject Ik ga naar school (I go to school) The attribute Peter is piloot (Peter is a pilot) The direct object (only pronouns ...
Czech Declension - Plural Forms
... Slavic languages, Czech distinguishes two different plural forms in the nominative case. 2 to 4 or in cases where the quantity of the plural noun is not defined in any way, the nominative plural form is used ... Singular Nominative 1 dlouhá hodina Nominative Plural (2 to 4 or indefinite) 2 dlouhé hodiny Genitive Plural (over 4 or quantified) 5 dlouhých hodin pár hodin (d ...
Slovene Numberals
... There is also a longer form of the masculine nominative singular, êden, which is used when the numeral does not modify a noun directly ... occur only in the plural masculine feminine neuter nominative dvá dvé dvé accusative dvá dvé dvé genitive dvéh dvéh dvéh dative dvéma dvéma ... When placed in the nominative or accusative case, the following noun is put in the genitive plural case, while the numeral remains in the nominative/accusative ...
Lithuanian Declension - Declension By The Paradigms - Dual Number
... inflections, that are similar with plural inflections with some specific differences Nominative, accusative or vocative masculine words end with -(i)u, feminine with -i ... The masculine i-paradigm always has -iu as the nominative inflection ... A word du - 'two' has three modifications of the stem, d- (in nominative and accusative), dv- (in dative and instrumental) and dviej- (in genitive and locatives) Words mudu - 'we (both ...

More definitions of "nominative":

  • (adj): Appointed by nomination.
    Synonyms: nominated
  • (adj): Named; bearing the name of a specific person.
    Example: "Nominative shares of stock"
    Synonyms: nominal
  • (adj): Serving as or indicating the subject of a verb and words identified with the subject of a copular verb.
    Example: "Nominative noun endings"; "predicate nominative"