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Sikkens - History - Nobel Industries 1984-1993
... Both Bofors and KemaNobel have historic ties to Alfred Nobel, the great 19th century Swedish inventor who was the first to discover a way to detonate the flammable liquid nitroglycerin. 1984 Bofors acquires the majority shareholding in KemaNobel 1985 Bofors integrates the entire KemaNobel group and changes its name to Nobel Industries ... Probel becomes Nobel Biotech within KemaNobel Specialty Chemicals ...

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    A novel which survives, which withstands and outlives time, does do something more than merely survive. It does not stand still. It accumulates round itself the understanding of all these persons who bring to it something of their own. It acquires associations, it becomes a form of experience in itself, so that two people who meet can often make friends, find an approach to each other, because of this one great common experience they have had ...
    Elizabeth Bowen (1899–1973)

    Parents can fail to cheer your successes as wildly as you expected, pointing out that you are sharing your Nobel Prize with a couple of other people, or that your Oscar was for supporting actress, not really for a starring role. More subtly, they can cheer your successes too wildly, forcing you into the awkward realization that your achievement of merely graduating or getting the promotion did not warrant the fireworks and brass band.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)