Nina (album)

Nina (album)

Nina is the self-titled third studio album by Filipino singer Nina, released in the Philippines on August 23, 2006 by Warner Music. After the incomparable success of her cover album Nina Live!, Nina decided to release an all-original studio album as a follow-up. She named the album after herself and stated that she considers it to be "self-titled," because she believes it showcases her true self as an artist. The album recaptures the sound of her first two albums, but only bigger and broader in terms of genre. It consists mostly of "toned-down" songs that were sung in a "soft, near-whispery volume." The project marked the first time that she worked with Jim Baluyut as the new executive of the label. The production also featured international songwriters Walter Afanasieff, Matthew Gerrard and Harvey Mason, Jr.

The idea of recording an all-original album came up when Nyoy Volante wrote two ballad love songs for Nina. She called the songs "beautiful and inspiring," that she ended up recording an album of original songs. She also described Volante to be "very instrumental" in the direction they took for the album. Another reason on why the label departed from the Nina Live! concept is that they did not feel it is right to give the fans two cover albums in a row. Instead, they did the opposite—an all-original studio album which showcases Nina's more delicate, "chill-out" sound—leaving a part of her diva persona behind. The album was originally scheduled to be released in the summer of 2006, but was moved due to conflict with her scheduled concerts in the United States.

Upon release, Nina received the most positive reviews and the highest critical ratings among Nina albums, with Titik Pilipino calling her "more refined, polished." On January 30, 2007, the album was made available on digital download through iTunes and MP3 Download. It did not equal the commercial success of Nina Live!, but it managed to reach Gold status by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI) in 2006. In 2007, the album was certified Platinum and earned awards from different organizations. Due to the album's critical and commercial success, Warner decided to re-release it in a special limited edition, featuring the hits of Barry Manilow. The re-release earned three singles, on which the two became commercial hits.

Four singles were released from the album. "Araw Mo", a birthday song that was used for the promotion of Goldilocks' 40 Thoughtful Years Anniversary, was included in the album as a bonus track. The first official single, "I Do", was released along with the album and it managed to pick up substantial airplay. It didn't equal the success of Nina's previous singles, however. "Someday" was released as the album's second single. It topped Philippine charts and is considered to be the reason behind the singer's success in South-East Asia, being covered by Japanese singer Yoshika for her 2010 album Redwood Tree and K-Pop singer Jessica Jung of Girls' Generation covered the song in January, 2013, on their comeback show, Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy. "I Can't Make You Love Me", a Bonnie Raitt original, was the last commercial single which quickly became a radio favorite, topping radio charts in the country. "Love Is Contagious", a Taja Sevelle original, is the other cover in the album and later, received limited rotation on radio.

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