Neuter Gender

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Noun Classes Versus Grammatical Genders
... Further information Grammatical gender The term gender, as used by some linguists, refers to a noun-class system composed with 2, 3, or 4 classes, particularly if the ... Genders are then considered a sub-class of noun classes ... Not all linguists recognize a distinction between noun-classes and genders, however, and instead use either the term "gender" or "noun-class" for both ...
Dutch Grammar - Nouns
... (formerly known as Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands General Civilized Dutch) there are three genders, masculine, feminine and neuter ... there is no grammatical distinction between what were originally masculine and feminine genders, nowadays being adjectivally inflected in the same manner ... In Belgian-Dutch the distinction between masculine and feminine gender often remains when referring to pronouns and in certain Belgian Dutch dialectal forms of standard Dutch, the ...
Grammatical Gender - Gender Inflection - Dummy Pronouns
... In languages with a neuter gender, the neuter gender is usually used in German Es regnet, means literally "It rains." (In fact, the English word 'it ... In languages with only a masculine and a feminine gender, the dummy pronoun, is usually the masculine third person singular ...

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    ... lynching was ... a woman’s issue: it had as much to do with ideas of gender as it had with race.
    Paula Giddings (b. 1948)