Net CDF - Parallel-NetCDF


An extension of netCDF for parallel computing called Parallel-NetCDF (or PnetCDF) has been developed by Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University. This is built upon MPI-IO, the I/O extension to MPI communications. Using the high-level netCDF data structures, the Parallel-NetCDF libraries can make use of optimizations to efficiently distribute the file read and write applications between multiple processors. The Parallel-NetCDF package can read/write only classic and 64-bit offset formats. Parallel-NetCDF cannot read or write the HDF5-based format available with netCDF-4.0. The Parallel-NetCDF package uses different, but similar APIs in Fortran and C.

Parallel I/O in the Unidata netCDF library has been supported since release 4.0, for HDF5 data files. Since version 4.1.1 the Unidata NetCDF C library supports parallel I/O to classic and 64-bit offset files using the Parallel-NetCDF library, but with the NetCDF API.

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