Nemed - Death and Legacy

Death and Legacy

Nine years after arriving in Ireland, Nemed died of plague along with three thousand of his people. He was buried on the hill of Ard Nemid on Great Island in Cork Harbour.

His followers were then oppressed by Morc and Conand of the Fomorians, who lived in Conand's Tower on Tory Island. Two thirds of their children, their wheat and their milk had to be given to them every Samhain. They revolted against this burden. 207 years after Nemed's death, sixty thousand men, led by their three champions, Semul son of Iarbonel the Soothsayer, Erglan son of Beoan son of Starn, and Nemed's son Fergus Red-Side, destroyed Conand's Tower, killing Conand and all his heirs. But Morc retaliated and a great battle ensued. The sea rose up over them. Only one ship, containing thirty warriors, escaped, and the last of Nemed's followers left Ireland. The island would again be empty for another 200 years.

Preceded by
Mythical invasions of Ireland
AFM 2350 BC
FFE 1731 BC
Succeeded by
Fir Bolg

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