Negative Stereotype

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Stereotype Threat - Effects On Performance
... Aronson, performed the first experiments demonstrating that stereotype threat can undermine intellectual performance ... Steele and Aronson split students into three groups stereotype-threat (in which the test was described as being "diagnostic of intellectual ability"), non-stereotype threat (in ... placed in a diagnostic condition than were European-Americans, contrary to the predictions of stereotype threat theory ...
Stereotype Threat
... Stereotype threat is the experience of anxiety or concern in a situation where a person has the potential to confirm a negative stereotype about their social group ... Since its introduction into the academic literature in 1995, stereotype threat has become one of the most widely studied topics in the field of social psychology ... First described by social psychologist Claude Steele and his colleagues, stereotype threat has been shown to reduce the performance of individuals who belong to negatively stereotyped groups ...

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    Coming out, all the way out, is offered more and more as the political solution to our oppression. The argument goes that, if people could see just how many of us there are, some in very important places, the negative stereotype would vanish overnight. ...It is far more realistic to suppose that, if the tenth of the population that is gay became visible tomorrow, the panic of the majority of people would inspire repressive legislation of a sort that would shock even the pessimists among us.
    Jane Rule (b. 1931)