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Ni MH Batteries - Electrochemistry
... The negative electrode reaction occurring in a NiMH cell is H2O + M + e- OH- + MH The charge reaction is read left-to-right and the discharge reaction is read right-to-left ... On the positive electrode, nickel oxyhydroxide, NiO(OH), is formed Ni(OH)2 + OH- NiO(OH) + H2O + e- The "metal" M in the negative electrode of a NiMH cell is actually an ... Very few cells use higher-capacity negative electrode materials based on AB2 compounds, where A is titanium and/or vanadium and B is zirconium or nickel, modified with chromium ...
Low Self-discharge Ni MH Battery - History
... on sintered Ti2Ni+TiNi+x alloys for the negative electrode and NiOOH-electrodes for the positives—was performed at the Battelle-Geneva Research Center ... new high-energy hybrid alloys incorporating rare earth metals for the negative electrode ... Positive electrode development was done by Dr ...
Lithium-ion Battery - History
... sulfide and lithium metal as the electrodes ... Primary lithium batteries in which the negative electrode is made from metallic lithium pose safety issues ... As a result, lithium-ion batteries were developed in which both electrodes are made of a material containing lithium ions ...

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