National Ice Skating Association - Assessment - Skate UK Star Levels (formerly Known As Passport) - Speed Skating

Speed Skating

  • Bronze
  1. Gliding on the bends - Gliding around the full bend in basic skating position with skates running parallel
  2. Basic Cornering - Demonstrate some evidence of crossovers in bends
  3. In Basic position Slalom - complete two footed slalom course between ten blocks approx 1 metre apart, keeping both blades on ice
  4. Straights, leg push - In a basic skating position full length of straight glide on left foot, continuous push with right foot. Ensure transfer of body weight and well balance, then on other leg
  5. Weight Transfer - Demonstrate the weight transfer, changing from right leg to left leg, this is to be done keeping both feet on the ice. Weight transfer must be smooth and rhythmical. Body stays in basic skating position. Nose, knee and toe of gliding leg must be in a straight line.
  6. Start - Hold start position, Skate parallel and 45° to the start line, feet shoulder width apart, Knees bent at 90°, leading arm in front and bent at elbow, trailing arm loosely extended and behind body, weight on back leg, head up and looking forward. Do a running start up to the first block.
  • Silver
  1. Straights roll the edge - Extend right leg, glide on left, demonstrate transfer of body weight, (nose, knee, toe in line). Then on the other leg
  2. Corner Push - Glide on left skate: push with right foot around full length of bend, demonstrate good leg extension
  3. Right foot Slalom - Glide on right between slalom course between ten blocks approx 1 metre apart, in the basic skating position. Then same on left
  4. Glide in straight line - Glide on right foot in basic position left leg off the ice, full straight in a straight line. Then on the left
  5. Crossover on Bends - Demonstrate good boy position, left hip over left skate, full left leg push and extension, smooth and rhythmical
  6. Start Procedure - fully understanding of starting procedure; go through half lap starting line to finish line
  • Gold
  1. Glide on right leg full corner - left leg held inside, not pointing out
  2. Glide on left leg full corner - right leg held outside but not pointing out
  3. Basic Position Arm Swing on Corners - Demonstrate relaxed arm swing whilst skating in the basic position, swing arm in a forwards and backwards direction, do not swing arms any higher than shoulder, arms must not be stiff but smooth and rhythmical
  4. Pivot on Apex Block Right Leg - Skate around corner, pivot around apex block, don't put hand on ice, keep legs at 90°, looking inside the track and keep shoulders square
  5. Relay Change;
  6. Receiving - Match the other skater's speed; time the change not too early or late. Pushing - Demonstrate a good push, strong, straight and not pulling back the other skater.
  7. Time Trial - Skate a bronze Medal Test Time in 333m
  8. Time Trial - Skate a bronze Medal Test Time in 500m

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