National Assembly of Thailand

National Assembly Of Thailand

The National Assembly or the Parliament of Thailand (Thai: รัฐสภา; RTGS: Ratthasapha; Abrv: NAT) is the legislative branch of the government of Thailand. The National Assembly of Thailand is a bicameral body, consisting of two chambers: the Senate of Thailand (upper house), and the House of Representatives of Thailand (lower house). The Assembly is composed of 650 members: 500 Representatives (MPs) and 150 Senators.

The National Assembly was established in 1932 after the adoption of Thailand's first Constitution, which transformed Thailand from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. The Assembly took its current form after the adoption of the 2007 Constitution of Thailand. The National Assembly currently convenes in the Parliament House of Thailand, which is located in the Dusit district in the capital Bangkok, Thailand.

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