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Supreme Mathematics

The Supreme Mathematics is a system of understanding numerals alongside concepts and qualitative representations that are used along with the Supreme Alphabet. The Supreme Mathematics is thought to be the highest system of mathematics in the NGE, used to give qualitative value to numbers in addition to quantity. For example, the numeral 1 symbolizes Knowledge, 2 symbolizes Wisdom, 3 represents Understanding, 4 represents Culture/Freedom, 5 represents Power/Refinement, 6 represents Equality, 7 represents God, 8 represents Build/Destroy, 9 represents Born, 0 represents Cipher. The system (similar to numerology), is claimed to maximize a person's logical thinking in order to solve life's problems.

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Nation Of Gods And Earths - Founding
... In addition to the 120 Lessons, the Clarence 13X taught a system he developed called Supreme Mathematics, which can be compared to a version of the Jewish mystical traditions of Kabbalah or even more closely ... Coming together to discuss the Supreme Mathematics is the most fundamental regimen of the NGE ... to by the NGE as Building, which is the eighth degree of the Supreme Mathematics ...

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