Nandi Award For Best Female Dubbing Artist

The Nandi Award for Best Female Dubbing Artist winners:

Year Artist Film
2011 Sunitha Sri Rama Rajyam
2010 Chinmayi Ye Maaya Chesave
2009 Soumya Mahatma
2008 R.Haritha Nachavule
2007 Soumya Lakshyam
2006 Savitha Reddy Bommarillu
2005 Sunitha Pothe Poni
2004 Sunitha Anand
2003 Savitha Reddy Missamma
2002 Sunitha Jayam
2001 Savitha Reddy Nuvvu Naaku Nachav
2000 Shilpa Vijaya Rama Raju
1999 Saritha Anthapuram
1997 Saritha Maa Ayana Bangaram(For Soundarya)

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