Mutsuki may refer to:

  • Mutsuki Kamijoh
  • Mutsuki Misaki, an author of Clannad
  • Mutsuki Tachibana, a fictional character in Fatal Frame
  • The Japanese destroyer Mutsuki

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... Twelve Mutsuki class (睦月, "First Moon") ships were commissioned between November 1925 and July 1927 ... All Mutsuki class ships were lost during the war ...
Mutsuki Class Destroyer - Design
... The Mutsuki class destroyers were based on the same hull design as the previous Kamikaze class, except with a double curvature configuration of the bow, a ... The Mutsuki class was the first to be fitted with the newly developed 24 inch torpedoes, with greater range and larger warhead than previous torpedoes in the Japanese inventory ... Fleet Incident", including a number of the Mutsuki class destroyers, which had several plates buckled and bridges wrecked ...
Japanese Destroyer Mutsuki
... Mutsuki (睦月, ”January”?) was the lead ship of twelve Mutsuki-class destroyers, built for the Imperial Japanese Navy following World War I ...
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... "IJN Mutsuki Tabular Record of Movement" ... "Mutsuki class destroyers" ... "IJN Minekaze, Kamikaze and Mutsuki class Destroyers" ...
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