Mute Records Discography - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Remastered Releases

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Remastered Releases

  • CDSEEDS1 - From Her To Eternity (2009)
  • CDSEEDS2 - The Firstborn Is Dead (2009)
  • CDSEEDS3 - Kicking Against The Pricks (2009)
  • CDSEEDS4 - Your Funeral… My Trial (2009)
  • CDSEEDS5 - Tender Prey (2010)
  • CDSEEDS6 - The Good Son (2010)
  • CDSEEDS7 - Henry's Dream (2010)
  • CDSEEDS8 - Let Love In (2011)
  • CDSEEDS9 - Murder Ballads (2011)
  • CDSEEDS10 - The Boatman's Call (2011)
  • CDSEEDS11 - No More Shall We Part (2011)
  • CDSEEDS12 - Nocturama (2012)
  • CDSEEDS13 - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus (2012)
  • CDSEEDS14 - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (2012)
  • 12SEEDS1 - "The Mercy Seat" (2010)

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