Mug Shot

A mug shot, mugshot, police photograph, or booking photograph, is a photographic portrait taken after one is arrested. The purpose of the mug shot is to allow law enforcement to have a photographic record of the arrested individual to allow for identification by victims and investigators. Most mug shots are two-part, with one side-view photo, and one front-view. They may be compiled into a mug book in order to determine the identity of a criminal. In high-profile cases mug shots may also be published by the media.

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... This confusing effect of familiarity is found in the mug shot procedure as well ... The presentation of mug shot arrays alone does not seem to influence identification accuracy ... if the police lineups include individuals who were earlier featured in the mug shot array ...

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    Politics in a literary work, is like a gun shot in the middle of a concert, something vulgar, and however, something which is impossible to ignore.
    Stendhal [Marie Henri Beyle] (1783–1842)