Mrs. John L. Strong

Mrs. John L. Strong is a privately held American luxury company and manufacturer of custom papers and stationery. Founded in 1929 by Mrs. John L. (Flora) Strong, the company has created papers and custom luxury products for seven presidential families, royal houses, prominent members of international society, film stars and celebrities. Called the "ne plus ultra of chic stationery companies," Mrs. John L. Strong has an important international clientele.

Mrs. Strong offers hand-engraving to its clients. Mrs. Strong's bespoke products display a range of crafts which are rarely used by others in the industry, including hand engraving of dies in steel, hand-stamping of dies, hand-mixing of custom varnish inks, hand-beveling and bordering, and hand-lining of envelopes. Mrs. Strong creates its own 100% cotton archival quality papers in its signature color "Strong's Vanilla" based on Mrs. Strong's original formulas.

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