Mouthpiece may refer to:

  • The part of an object which comes near or in contact with one's mouth during use
    • Mouthpiece (smoking pipe)
    • Mouthpiece (telephone handset)
    • Mouthpiece (woodwind), a component of a woodwind instrument
    • Mouthpiece (brass), a component of a brass instrument
    • Mouthpiece (scuba), a component of a scuba diving or industrial breathing set
    • Mouthguard, a device protecting the teeth from injury, also known as mouth piece

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... It can be supplied with a mouthpiece or a fullface mask the mouthpiece has a valve on its front to close the breathing tubes when the mouthpiece is not in his mouth ...
Saxophone Family - Description - Mouthpiece and Reed
... The saxophone uses a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet ... The saxophone mouthpiece is larger than that of the clarinet, has a wider inner chamber, and lacks the cork-covered tenon of a clarinet mouthpiece because the saxophone neck inserts into the mouthpiece ... difference between a saxophone embouchure and a clarinet embouchure is that the saxophone mouthpiece should enter the mouth at a much lower or flatter angle than the clarinet ...
Te Haahi Ratana - Worship Service
... Apostle - (Opening Prayer) - O God's Mouthpiece, True and Faithful Angels and Holy Godhead ... May God's Mouthpiece confirm this Prayer now and forever Amen ... Apostle - (Thanksgiving Prayer) O God's Mouthpiece and True and Faithful Angels, now that you have heard our confessions and repentance, therefore it is fitting that we give praise and thanksgiving before you ...
Mouthpiece - Other
... Mouthpiece (band), a hardcore punk band Mouthpiece (comics), a DC comics character The Mouthpiece, a 1932 crime drama film directed by James Flood and Elliott Nugent ...
Mouthpiece (scuba)
... In breathing sets, a mouthpiece is a part that the user grips in his mouth, to make a watertight seal between the breathing set and his mouth ... Most sport diving scuba sets use a mouthpiece rather than a fullface mask ... Salvus, and a 1980s model of double-hose diving regulator made by Nemrod), the mouthpiece also has an outer rubber flange that fits outside the lips and extends into two straps that fasten together ...