Mother Goose - "Old Mother Goose"

"Old Mother Goose"

In addition to being the purported authoress of nursery rhymes, Mother Goose is herself the title character of one such rhyme:

Old Mother Goose,
When she wanted to wander,
Would ride through the air
On a very fine gander.
Jack's mother came in,
And caught the goose soon,
And mounting its back,
Flew up to the moon.

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Famous quotes containing the words goose and/or mother:

    Hey, diddle, diddle,
    The cat and the fiddle,
    The cow jumped over the moon;
    The little dog laughed
    To see such sport,
    And the dish ran away with the spoon.
    —Mother Goose (fl. 17th–18th century. Hey, diddle, diddle (l. 1–6)

    That was the most horrible day of my detention. The whole day I could see my baby’s face and wanted to call her name, “Dudu,” “Dudu,” but my mind was blank. I couldn’t recollect it. “Can a mother forget her baby’s name?” I wondered.
    Emma Mashinini (b. 1929)