Mosaic Virus

Mosaic viruses are plant viruses that cause the leaves to have a speckled appearance. Mosaic virus is not a taxon.

Species include:

  • beet mosaic virus
  • plum pox virus (in the potyvirus genus)
  • tobacco mosaic virus (in the tobamovirus genus)
  • cassava mosaic virus (in the begomovirus genus)
  • Cucumber mosaic virus
  • Alfalfa mosaic virus
  • Panicum mosaic satellite virus
  • Tulip breaking virus

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Crop Diversity - Disease Threats To Crops With Low Genetic Diversity
... partly caused by outbreaks of the African Cassava Mosaic Virus (ACMD) ... Creating a “mosaic” of decay on the plants leaves, ACMD is responsible for the loss of a million tons of food each year ... exist in a number of districts partly due to the impacts of mosaic virus on the cassava crop ...
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... is high, leading to the belief that the risk of virus transmission by soybean aphids may increase during times of high dispersal, such as the end of the peak stage ... In China, the most important virus vectored by the soybean aphid is Soybean mosaic virus, which can cause yield loss and decreased seed quality ... This virus is also found in North America and has been demonstrated as being vectored by the soybean aphid in field studies ...
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Alternanthera Mosaic Virus
... Alternanthera mosaic virus (AltMV) is a plant pathogenic virus ... AltMV belongs to the virus genus Potexvirus and the virus family Alphaflexiviridae ... The virus was found in Alternanthera pugens (Amaranthaceae), a weed found in both the southern USA and Australia ...

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