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Archaeology And The Book Of Mormon
... Since the publication of the Book of Mormon in 1830, both Mormon and non-Mormon archaeologists have studied its claims in reference to known ... other denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement generally believe that the Book of Mormon describes ancient historical events in the Americas, but mainstream historians and archaeologists do not regard the ... The Book of Mormon describes God's dealings with three heavily populated, literate, and advanced civilizations in the Americas over the course of several hundred years ...
Archaeology And The Book Of Mormon - LDS Efforts To Establish Book of Mormon Archaeology - Modern Approach and Conclusions
... above, there is a general consensus among non-Mormon archaeologists (and even some Mormon archaeologists) that the archaeological record does not ... Due to the difficulties that beset Mormon archaeology, most Mormon apologists now take a different approach analyze archaeological findings for parallels and ... These correlations are disputed by non-Mormon archaeologists who see no such parallels ...

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