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ANTIC - The Display List - Instruction Modifiers - LMS Modifer - Load Memory Scan
... screen memory before retrieving screen memory for the current Playfield mode line ... The Character or Map mode specified will begin displaying bytes from that address ... The LMS option must appear in the first Playfield Mode Instruction line (not Blank Line) in the Display List to initialize ANTIC to begin reading at the start of screen memory ...
ANTIC - Limitations
... display can vary between 0 and 240 scanlines - this depends on what number of lines the ANTIC is programmed to display according to the display list. 320 or 384 pixels wide (in the widest mode, only 352 pixels are really visible) ... Vertical fine scrolling can move the scrolling region the number of scan lines in a single Mode line of the scrolling region, up to a maximum of 16 scan lines ...
ANTIC - Bugs and Border Conditions - Unexploitable Behaviors - Mode 8/Mode 9 Horizontal Scroll Corruption
... ANTIC Modes 8 and 9 will be corrupted when immediately following a horizontally scrolled line of a different mode using normal or wide playfield width ... This occurs if the Mode 8 or 9 line is horizontally scrolled or not, but the corruption results are different in each case ... certain HSCROL values causing ANTIC to output pixels incorrectly and mis-align the Mode 8-9 line ...

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