MLH may refer to:

  • Mary Louise Hancock
  • Multi-line hunting
  • Major League Hockey
  • Mill Hill (Lancashire) railway station, England; National Rail station code MLH
  • The IATA airport code for EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg in France

Other articles related to "mlh":

DNA Mismatch Repair - Mismatch Repair Proteins - MutL Homologs
... However, the processivity (the distance the enzyme can move along the DNA before dissociating) of UvrD is only ~40–50bp ... Because the distance between the nick created by MutH and the mismatch can average ~600 bp, if there isn't another UvrD loaded the unwound section is then free to re-anneal to its complementary strand, forcing the process to start over ...
PMS2 - Interactions
... The interacting domains in PMS2 have heptad repeats that are characterstic of leucine zipper proteins ... MLH1 interacts with PMS2 at residues 506-756 ...
Brantford Blast - Season-by-season Record
... A 2004-05 195. 6th MLH 2005-06 9 ... - 137. 1st MLH 2006-07 13 ... - 142. 3rd MLH 2007-08 9 ... - 42. 2nd MLH 2008-09 15 ... - 120. 26 ...
PMS2 - Interactions - Interactions Involving P53 and P73
... PMS2 can interact with p73 to enhance cisplatin-induced apoptosis by stabilizing p73 ... Cisplatin stimulates the interaction between PMS2 and p73, which is dependent on c-Abl ...
... This gene is a member of the MutL-homolog (MLH) family of DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes ... MLH genes are implicated in maintaining genomic integrity during DNA replication and after meiotic recombination ...