MIPS may refer to:

  • Maharana Institute of Professional Studies, an institution in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Mansehra International Public School and College, in Mansehra, Pakistan
  • Material input per unit of service, an economic efficiency indicator
  • Menards Infiniti Pro Series, a former name of an Indy Pro Series automobile race
  • Millon Index of Personality Styles, a psychological assessment tool providing information on psychopathology
  • Monthly income preferred stock, a financial instrument
  • Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer, an instrument on the Spitzer Space Telescope
  • Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences, a genomics research center in Germany

In computing:

  • Million instructions per second, a measure of a computer's central processing unit performance
  • MIPS architecture, a RISC instruction set architecture
  • MIPS Technologies, formerly MIPS Computer Systems, developer of the MIPS architecture
  • Maximum intensity projection, a volume rendering technique
  • A golden rabbit found in Super Mario 64.

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... MIPS architecture, MIPS-32 architecture DLX, a very similar architecture designed by John L ... Hennessy (creator of MIPS) for teaching purposes MIPS-X, developed as a follow-on project to the MIPS architecture ...
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... MIPS-concept has been applied in multiple research projects, especially in Germany and Finland ... FIN-MIPS Transport project studied the Finnish transport system both from passenger and goods transport perspective in 2003−2005 whereas the FIN-MIPS Household ...
... or 68030) processor configuration running at 16-25 MHz, later shifting to the MIPS R3000 and R4000 RISC microprocessors ... Both 680x0 and MIPS models shared the same case, which had a large door covering a floppy drive and a 5.25-in expansion bay which could house a SCSI tape or CD-ROM drive ... windows for the 680x0 models while the MIPS ones had a single large window ...