Minor Characters in The Railway Series - 'Human' Characters - Other Humans

Other Humans

  • Bert (Engine washer – Seen in Leaves)
  • Alf (Engine washer – Seen in Leaves)
  • Mrs. Last (late-arriving passenger in Four Little Engines)
  • Sir Handel Brown I (Skarloey Railway Owner #1)
  • Sir Handel Brown II (Skarloey Railway Owner #2)
  • Mr. Ivo Hugh (Skarloey Railway Engineer)
  • Patrick (Rock climber – Seen in Devil's Back)
  • Mr. Mack (Skarloey Railway Controller #1)
  • Mr. Bobbie (Skarloey's builder & engineer)
  • Duke of Sodor (Seen in Duck 'n' Dukes)
  • Bert (Porter – Seen in Buzz Buzz)
  • Fred (Porter – Seen in Buzz Buzz)
  • Willie (Farmer – Seen in Useful Railway)
  • Mr. Crowe (Farmer – Mentioned in Ghost Train)
  • New Lorry Driver (Seen in Mavis and the Lorry)
  • Royal Personage (Seen in Golden Jubilee)
  • Kathie & Lizzie (Talyllyn Railway volunteers)

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