Ministry of Water Resources of The People's Republic of China - Organization - Administration


The Ministry of Water Resources consist of the following departments and offices:

Department Area of Responsibilities
1 General Office Coordinating activities among different departments
2 Department of Planning and Programming develop national water resources development plans
3 Department of Policy, Law and Regulations formulate water policies and relevant rules and regulations
4 Department of Water Resources Management water-drawing permit system and water resources fee system;
5 Department of Finance and Economics formulate economic regulatory measures for the water industry
6 Department of Personnel, Labor and Education to administer personnel management, establishment of institutions and their staffing, labor and wage management
7 Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology to manage water issues foreign affairs between the Chinese Government and foreign governments, and for the development of science and technology for the water industry
8 Department of Construction and Management to formulate rules and regulations and technical standards for the management and protection of water areas,
9 Department of Water and Soil Conservation water and soil conservation and coordinate the overall control of water and soil losse
10 Department of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Water Supply to formulate policies and programs with respect to rural water resources and develop relevant specifications and standards
11 The Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief headquarters to organize nationwide activities of flood control and drought relief, undertake the day-to-day work

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