• (adj): Advocating minimal reforms (as in government or politics).
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Dan Graham - Work - Influences
... and changes in history affected the conceptual art and minimalist movements ... Minimalist art stripped art down to only its fundamental and bare essentials ... Rarely were pictorial or illustrative imagery seen in minimalist works ...
The Bible In History: How Writers Create A Past - The Minimalist/maximalist Debate
... Thompson is a leading biblical minimalist, a group of like-minded scholars including Niels Peter Lemche, Philip R ... The minimalist argument has been received with emotions bordering on outrage by other scholars, somewhat inaccurately known as "maximalists" - most of them do ... framed in political terms, with the minimalists accused of subverting the existence of the modern state of Israel and worse ...
Holy Minimalism
... of late-twentieth-century composers of Western classical music, whose works are distinguished by a minimalist compositional aesthetic and a ... With the growing popularity of minimalist music in the 1960s and 1970s, which often broke sharply with prevailing musical aesthetics of serialism and aleatoric music, many composers, building on the work of ... Henryk Górecki (a Polish Catholic), Alan Hovhaness (the earliest mystic minimalist), Sofia Gubaidulina, Giya Kancheli, Hans Otte, Pēteris Vasks and Vladimír Godár ...
Biblical Minimalism - Reception and Influence
... The ideas of the minimalists generated considerable controversy during the 1990s and the early part of the 21st century ... scholars - motivated, according to the minimalists, by their evangelical Christian background - reacted defensively, attempting to show that the details of the Bible were in fact consistent with having been written ... and found it consistent with the period before the Persian period, thus questioning the key minimalist contention that the biblical books were written ...
Minimal Music - Early Development
... in often unusual time signatures, had a strong influence on many early minimalist composers ... as 1, 1 2, 2. 3, 3. 4) into the repertoire of minimalist techniques these works included Two Pages, Music in Fifths, Music in Contrary Motion, and ... By this point, development of a minimalist style was in full swing ...

More definitions of "minimalist":

  • (noun): A practitioner or advocate of artistic minimalism.
  • (adj): Of or relating to artistic minimalism.
  • (noun): A conservative who advocates only minor reforms in government or politics.