Minghsin University of Science and Technology - Organization


A president heads the university, and it is divided into four colleges, each having a variety of departments:

  • College of Engineering
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department and Institute of Electrical Engineering
    • Department and Institute of Electronic Engineering
    • Department and Institute of Chemical Engineering
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Opto-Electronic System Engineering
    • Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    • Department of Communications Engineering
    • Department of Environmental Informatics
    • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
    • Institute of Construction Engineering and Management
    • Institute of Precision Mechatronic Engineering
  • College of Management
    • Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
    • Department and Institute of Information Management
    • Department of International Business
    • Department and Institute of Business Administration
    • Department of Finance
    • Institute of Engineering Management
    • Global Logistics Management Center
  • College of Service Industries
    • Department of Hotel Management
    • Department of Child Development and Education
    • Department of Leisure Management
    • Department of Senior Citizen Service Management
    • Center for Teacher Education
    • Senior Activity Center
  • College of Humanities and Social Science
    • Department of Applied Foreign Languages
    • Department of Sports Management
    • Arts Center
    • Center for Hakka Studies

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