Milwaukee District/West Line

Milwaukee District/West Line

The Milwaukee District/West (MD-W) is a commuter rail line provided and operated by Metra in Chicago, Illinois, and its surrounding suburbs. While Metra does not specifically refer to any of its lines by a particular color, the timetable accents for the Milwaukee District/West line are printed in dark "Arrow Yellow," honoring the Milwaukee Road's Arrow passenger train.

Its eastern terminus is Union Station in downtown Chicago. The line traverses Chicago's western neighborhoods and its western and far western suburbs to Elgin, Illinois.

A new station at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Cicero Avenue opened on December 11, 2006. It replaced stations in the Hermosa and Cragin neighborhoods.

Metra has long-range plans to eventually extend the line to Pingree Grove and Hampshire, Illinois, and possibly out to Kirkland.

The line runs on the Canadian Pacific Railway Elgin Subdivision (Ex-Milwaukee Road line to Omaha).

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